Best paper award at Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference Edinburgh

Ellen Tobback received the Paragon Award for the Best Paper at the Credit Scoring and Credit Control XV conference at the University of Edinburgh in August 2017 for her paper "Retail credit scoring using fine-grained payment data". The paper, co-authored with her supervisor David Martens, looks at the granular use of debit account transactions. Using a real-life data set of 183 million transactions made by 2.6 million customers. The data shows that amongst the clients that have transacted with at least one defaulter, 52% are defaulters themselves, while the overall default rate is 0.8%. The paper shows that by using intelligent algorithms that use such data to make credit scoring models, already available “big data” assets can be leveraged for improved risk management.

At the conference dinner, the jury awarded the price to Ellen with kind words. Specifically the innovativeness of the type of data was emphasized. The paper was chosen among the 72 papers that were presented. In total more than 400 academics and bankers attended the bi-annual conference in Edinburgh, seen as thé conference in the credit risk domain.

Ellen Tobback